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Embodied Eros

A 4 month high-touch, relationship oriented intensive for the woman longing to heal from past heartbreak and transform relationship patterns to create healthy, flourishing, secure love.

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For single women desiring to call in a partner or women longing to deepen their current partnership

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Hey, beautiful Woman...

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I know what it's like spinning in circles in the same relationships that leave you feeling confused, disappointed, doubting your worth and questioning, “Why do I keep attracting these kind of men. Is it just me?”’re a highly driven woman who has found success in her career, but finding and maintaining healthy, romantic relationships feels like an uphill battle. Understanding men is a puzzle you can't seem to solve.

Maybe... it’s difficult for you to feel clear and express what you need and desire to men because you don't want to seem “needy” or push them away

Maybe... over enough time, the accumulation of heartbreak, unrequited love and unmet desires with men has calloused your heart.. even though you feel resentful, there is a deep longing in your heart to let love in again.

If any of these experiences resonate with you....

I'm here to tell you that the spiritually transcending, playful, passionate, erotically ignited, "I feel fully-chosen" kind-of-love that you crave is available to you....

it is not just for the "lucky" ones. 

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The path to Sacred Union begins by making a conscious choice to...

Unapologetically claim your longing for Union with every cell of your being.

The Feminine, in her very nature, desires to be filled, ravished, and deeply cherished. When we open our body as our longing, we become conduits for Love + Eros to move through us... what makes a woman magnetic and empowered

Devote our heart to the inner-healing work.

The relationships we create are a direct reflection of the relationship we have with ourselves. When we turn our attention inward to cultivate self-trust, inner-harmony and embodied confidence, deeper intimacy & fulfillment in our relationships becomes a natural byproduct.

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“I learned more in my 6 weeks with Claudia, about myself, my partnership, my sexuality, and my own pain... than I have in years of working with different coaches."

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I finally liberated myself from a lot of previous shame that has held me back from my expression. Since working with Claudia, I feel IGNITED in my being. Claudia taught me to OWN all pieces of myself and how to harness the potency of my sensual energy. How to show up so authentically in my relationship with my partner. I wouldn't be where I am today without her guidance.

I finally what it means, to be an Embodied Woman.”

Chelsea S.

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+ Heal core wounds that keep you perpetually attracting unfulfilling relationships, raise your self-worth and embody true confidence to call in healthy relationships

+ Clear away shame, guilt and fear imprints from past conditioning around your sensuality and come home to your turned on, pleasure-filled body brimming with vitality

+ Get lucid clear on what you need, want, and desire in relationship to feel fulfilled  and feel confident expressing this to your partner/ future partner.

+ Alchemize the pain of past heartache that keeps you feeling stuck in self-doubt and fear and open to trusting yourself and men again.

+ Learn how to powerfully initiate the masculine into your heart and sex through embodied communication that allows you both to feel fully met, held and fulfilled.

+ Rewire patterns of co-dependency + and anxious attachment by learning how to self-sooth, regulate your nervous system, hold your emotions and set clear boundaries that empower you

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EMBODIED EROS goes beyond conceptualized teachings about relationships, love and sex...

I believe in a mind, body, Spirit, approach to holistic healing work. 

While you will be given tools, practices and framework to help support you in healing relational intimacy, we will be focused primarily on immersing IN THE BODY for somatic transformation (on a cellular level). 

You will also learn how to harness and channel the power of our sexual energy (the strongest healing force on the planet) as a tool for your most profound healing and radical transformation....

Through a powerful blend of tantric ritual, verbal teaching transmission and guided embodiment practices, we will get to the root of any imprints, conditioning and patterns that block you from intimacy to alchemize into Love

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"I am finally experiencing embodied self-love and self worth in every cell of my being. I feel confident in my energetic boundaries, and more anchored in my Spiritual connection than ever."

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“When I decided to work with Claudia, I was going through a massive life transition.

I felt very ungrounded, struggling to move forward in my life. Her program gave me the loving space I needed to move through the ebb and flow of life's challenges with grace and ease.
Before, I had a tendency to spiral under the weight of the life, but with the new tools and practices I learned in the program, I feel more so much more confident in my work, in the world and I am magnetizing everything I desire with effortless ease! I feel totally melted in Feminine surrender and I can feel it in my body.
I feel my inner radiance oozing from within! It was a pleasure to work with Claudia. Unlike other coaches I’ve experienced, she’s very open minded and non-judgmental. She held deep space for me to express myself without the need to tell me how to think or feel- (not easy to find!)”

Liz F.

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What you'll receive during our 4 months together inside EMBODIED EROS...

Bi-Weekly Guided Practice 

8 X 90 min bi-weekly live training sessions led by Claudia that will include a verbal teaching transmission + guided embodiment ritual

Monthly Council Circles

4 X 60 min live sister-circle sessions 

Each woman will have space to share her journey, ask questions and receive 1:1 support from Claudia 

Private Voxer Chat Support

Connect with other sisters in our intimate group container for daily encouragement, inspiration and motivation. Claudia will pop in the chat daily to answer questions

Bonus Teaching with Guest Expert

2 Hour Live “Healing with the Masculine” session with Relationship Expert + Mens Transformational Coach Wayne Barkus 

Lifetime Access to Course Material + Live Recordings

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I'm ready to Devote my Heart to this Sacred Journey....

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"It's safe to say that I thought my relationship was over. Before I started working with Claudia, my relationship was void of romance, passion, and vibrancy. We had fallen stagnant and felt stuck.

Just after our first session, things really took off in our relationship.

With her guidance and the tools she offered, I began opening to my partner in a sweet blossom of softness, and the communication just started flowing organically between us leading to deeper understanding and compassion for one another.  Our intimacy and connection with one another have expanded tenfold. We are now making passionate love like when we first started dating!!  Finding the right teacher saved our relationship... we are more in love now than ever before. His desire to claim me and ravish me just ignited! We've even gotten engaged!  What happened here is MAGIC. Her work is invaluable."

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Embodied Eros: Testimonials

Claudia's process empowered me to stand in the truth of my heart that I had been hiding from sharing out of fear my whole life. Her sensual container allowed me gentle, nourishing space to drop me deeply into my body and my inner-wisdom. Her course has been completely life-changing (and I do not say that lightly!) I am more confident and liberated than ever in my sensual and sexual expression as a feminine being, without the shame and guilt from previous conditioning. I am experiencing more pleasure than ever before in my body and my heart is finally free from the pain of past heartbreak I had been holding onto and the men I am attracting in my life are so sweet, loving and supportive."

Anna P

About your Guide

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Claudia Marie is a teacher of the Embodied Feminine Arts & Intimacy expert. She has devoted her  life to deep Soul transformation through studying the path of Feminine Embodied Wisdom, Tantric Arts  and devotion to Conscious  Union with her partner of 7 years. 

Like many women, Claudia’s past was painted with grief, heart ache and turmoil  from childhood abuse by her father that led her to seek toxic relationships as an adult. For years, she chased love only to receive crumbs in return, struggled with body image issues and low self-worth. One day in a “dark night of the Soul” she decided enough was enough. Through her strong will and devotion to her own inner healing path, those painful life experiences became a catalyst for liberated self-love, inner peace, and a deep, flourishing love with her now partner.

  Her passion now lies  in empowering women all around the world to embody  sustainable Self Love & create Conscious Union with another through eradicating limiting beliefs around Love, intimacy and Sexuality.  She sees a world where women are in right relationship to their body, mind Spirit and Eros… a world where women own their worth and feel liberated in their authentic expression. She believes that through the power of ritual and tantric practice, we can return to our innate Feminine Wisdom and Awaken our greatest potential for Love, bliss, and Heaven on Earth.

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"My partner and I are having the best sex EVER. We're feeling ignited in passion like we did when we first started dating!"

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Is this program for Women only? Yes.

Is this program for single people too, or do I have to be in a relationship? You do not have to be in a relationship to participate! The teachings in this program will serve anyone who is desiring to deepen in their relationship or calling in their Soulmate Love!

Do I have an option to work with you 1-1 during this program? You will have opportunities to receive support during the community group calls, but if you desire additional private support, there are options available! Just send an email to inquire.

Will there be any self pleasure practices? Yes. However, toys are not required. We will be practicing conducting pleasure through the body using a gentle, slower approach to self-pleasure. You will be challenged to lean into growth edges at your own pace

What if we can't make the live calls?

Not a problem. All calls will be recorded. Recording will be sent via email within 24 hours of the live call.

Got a question?

Please feel free to email or send me a DM on the socials!

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