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Say farewell to toxic relationships, unleash the Divine femme codes to manifest an abundant life of pleasure, play, prosperity and Soul mate Love

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Unfurl is a 6 month deep dive designed to awaken your signature feminine essence, and energetically align you to a delicious life of effortless abundance, soul-aligned relationships and magnetic bliss.

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How does it feel in your body to envision this Sovereign version of you?

My Love, She already EXISTS.  

She IS you. 

she brought you here to this to this page,

And she is waiting for you to AWAKE Her.

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My Love…

Do you feel like you're spinning in circles in the same kinda relationships that leave you feeling confused, disappointed,  doubting your worth and questioning, “Why do I keep attracting these kind of men. Is it just me?”

Do you feel like you’re so full of Love, but you too easily give it away to men that don’t appreciate & honor you & it's making you feel disheartened...ready to give up altogether?

Ugh.. (Welcome to my entire early twenties!)

You’ve done some of the Spiritual work, you’re successful in every other area of your life, but when it comes to men you feel you’ve struck out?.

Is it difficult for you to express what you actually need and desire to men because it feels really awkward & you fear he might leave you if you open that can of worms anyway?

Does receiving pleasure feel guilty or shameful  because you feel it has to be earned, blocking you from deep intimacy?

Are your sexual experiences focused on pleasing him, leaving you feeling stuck in your head, dissatisfied and depleted wondering if this is just how Sex is?

Do you pass a mirror with a sinking in the pit of  your stomach. “I need to lose more weight, then I’ll feel sexy”...?


I feel you. I have been here countless times. It’s not fun… in fact, it really really sucks. 

I'm here to tell you, there is another way

And its through YOU and ONLY you.

It happens through the awakening of your authentic, empowered Self: the one that owns her Divine WORTH, prioritizes pleasure and radiates confidence.

I used to think that the perfect man would come and save me, heal me, show me my worth..please me in every way imaginable.


Soo exhausting. (not to mention it doesn't work)

It wasn't until I realized (through deep self-exploration) that life becomes so much easier, enriching & pleasurable when we turn our attention inward & nurture the relationship with Self to cultivate INNER radiance

This is your magic magnetic juju, babes.

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When you make this shift, you…​

> Attract a healthy relationship that grows deeper with LOVE everyday.

> Release body shame & fall deeply in Love with Her

> Open to new levels of orgasmic pleasure & abundance

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> Experience Multidimensional, soul level healing to release core wounds that keep you perpetually attracting unfulfilling relationships & embody your MAGNETIC essence that calls in healthy relationship & wild intimacy

> Release shame & insecurities around your body image & fall madly in love with your body so you can feel lusciously sexy & confident in your skin

> Clear & release emotions from toxic patriarchal conditioning that suffocates your sexual, sensual Self & unleash your magnetic powerful SEDUCTRESS to effortlessly call in your Soul deepest desires

> Free yourself from all resistance to pleasure and tap into the wellspring of orgasmic pleasure, bliss, creativity that lives within every cell of your being  to embody the multi-orgasmic Woman 

> Release and heal old heartache that keeps you feeling stuck in self-doubt and open your heart again to feel and experience deep, divine love that will have you trusting yourself and men again. 

> Harness the power of your Sexual energy & experience sex that leaves you feeling nourished, deeply satiated & empowered

> Learn how to artfully communicate your needs, boundaries & desires with LOVE. Rewire your toxic relating patterns from childhood wounding to create playful intimacy and deep connection with your partner or partner to be

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"The Erotica Awakened immersion has my eyes and heart OPENED! Its awakened truths and a light in me that I was hiding and afraid to share with myself or the world. Her spiritual and sensual movement practices drop me deeply into my body and my inner-truth. Applying the practices I learned in this course has been completely life-changing (and I do not say that lightly!) I am expressing my sensual and sexual expression with our shame, and experiencing more pleasure than ever before. My heart is finally healing and The men I am attracting in my life are so sweet, loving and supportive.

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Module 1: Temple Clearing

To call in healthy partnership, we must first get to the root of our toxic relating patterns. In this module we will explore the limiting patterns & beliefs around relationships & love intimacy that are blocking you from attracting & maintaining healthy relationships. We will do a mass cleansing to release energetic cords/attachments from past lovers & sexual experiences to become a clear vessel for transformation as we move into the rest of our journey.

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Module 2: Inner Union

The path to Sacred Union and deeper intimacy with another always begins within the cultivation of balancing and harmonizing our inner Masculine & Feminine energies first. When they are unbalanced, we experience disharmony in relationships,  burn out, lethargy, control issues, and heart blockages. In this module, we will focus on healing the relationship dynamic within through a Sacred Self-Marriage ritual to experience deep inner peace, soulful relationships

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Module 3: Sensual Erotic

Here, we learn how to unlock our Primal Feminine Magnetism through tuning into sensuality & pleasure frequency. Here, will be exploring our erotic innocence to remove any resistance to pleasure that has you feeling stressed, stuck in your head, numbed out & spiraling in body shame to restore life force energy, fall deeply in love with our body, activate inner radiance & create new pleasure neuropathways for receiving

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Module 4: Dark Eros

We are turning up the dial & getting a lil hot 'n' kinky ;) In this module, we will be exploring the realms of conscious kink & the Dark Feminine mysteries of the Seductress Archetype to transcend shadows of fear, doubt, shame & control into our deepest emotional liberation & embodied magnetism. We will be learning the Art of Seduction to call in our deepest desires.

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Module 5: Orgasmic Queen

In this module, we will be reclaiming & harnessing sexual Sovereignty through potent self-pleasure practice to open the well-spring of manifesting magic within. We will learn how to channel our sexual energy to cleanse blocked energy centers in the body that are keeping you in scarcity, lack and fear to open deeper levels of embodied receivership, activate creative life force energy & manifest abundance in all areas of your life.

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Module 6: Initiatress

In this module, we will be merging into deeper devotion to the Masculine. We will be removing any beliefs, programs, ideas that keep you unconsciously repelling evolved, mature, conscious men & rewiring our neuro pathways through powerful ritual to begin attracting men who will honor & cherish you as the Goddess that you are.

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​+ 6x 60-90min LIVE weekly Erotica Awakened Training Sessions + Pleasure Playbook (recorded ) (value = $8,000)

+ 2 hour Live Activation Masterclass session with Men's Intimacy Expert & Empowerment Coach Wayne Barkus (value= $4,000) 

Private Facebook Group Support with other powerful sisters to support you on your journey 

+ Personalized High Vibe Spotify playlist link  to activate your Sensual Seductress  and ignite your soul                                                                         

VALUE $ 12,000

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Original Investment

Only $1,444 USD (pay in full)

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VIP Experience UPGRADE


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This is for the sisters who desire additional 1:1 Divine support will receive all that is included in Erotica Awakened Group experience PLUS…

+2 x 60 minute Deep Dive Healing sessions (Value=$2,000)

1 x Personal Healing Meditation (Value=$500)

 Total Value over $14,500

 Only $3,888 for a limited time.

(Payment plan options available)


Book your FREE clarity now!

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About Your Guide

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its meeeeee_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Hey sister! My name is Claudia Marie & I am a Teacher of the Embodied Feminine Arts, Manifestation Minx  & an Intimacy Coach. I Live here  in Austin, Texas with the Love of my life! I have devoted my life to deep Soul transformation & I am deeply honored to share what has transformed me on my path, with you..

Like many Women, I grew up with a father who was physically and emotionally abusive. My parents had an extremely toxic and chaotic marriage, pushing me to run away from home at age 17. To  support myself, I got a job as a traveling exotic dancer at age 18 where I was introduced into the fast paced party life, flying high on sex, drugs, alcohol. Becoming an exotic dancer was my pathway to my sexual liberation. I was finally able to break free from the shackles of my fathers control and suppression. I then discovered the freedom to  express my sexuality in a taboo place that felt safe. 

In my early twenties I found myself unconsciously attracting toxic relationships & emotionally unavailable men.  I met a man who changed the game for me. He committed. He showed me unconditional Love… something I’d never experienced from a Man in my life until that point. This experience allowed me to get a taste of true Love, but the trauma from our past continued to show up everywhere in the relationship two  years later I  decided to answer my Heart’s calling and bravely pursued my path to personal transformation. During this time, I healed the root cause of my emotional turmoil & toxic relating patterns which was sexual trauma and deep father wounding from childhood.

As I healed, my partner felt so inspired by my transformation he was witnessing in me that he decided to embark on the journey himself to heal his trauma and embody his Sovereignty. He began transforming rapidly!

  From here, we decided to devote ourselves to creating conscious relationship- taking full responsibility for our own emotions so we could come into deeper Union with one another!

Releasing the pain and trauma of my relationship with my father and then, completely up level my relationship with my own self has been truly transformational. Through my own journey of self-discovery, self-love and sexual sovereignty, I’ve honed and mastered healing powers to become a renowned healer, mentor and guide to clients around the world. The journey home to my divine FEMME power and to the sacred ectassy of SELF-LOVE  has been the most incredible and potent practice of my life and I can’t wait to pass it onto you. 

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> My intuitive gifts were awakened

>I healed from body shame

>I discovered my Soul’s purpose & birthed my business

>I'm manifesting my hearts desires with effortless grace

> I created the most lovingly, nourishing relationship

 > I am having the best sex of my life 

 >I feel more balanced, harmonious & peaceful.

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Erotic Pleasure far exceeds the bedroom. It’s is infused in every crevice of my Life.
through the the culmination of my rich life experiences &  guiding women all around the world into reclaiming their Feminine Power to experience a full, delicious life of abundance deepening their connection to their inner Self,
My passion now lies in empowering women to embody deep, sustainable Self Love & inner harmony through eradicating limiting beliefs around Love, intimacy and Sexuality. 
Through the power of ancient ritual and tantric practice, we can return to our innate feminine wisdom and Awaken our greatest potential

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"I HIGHLY recommend this container for up-leveling in personal, Spiritual and Conscious development. Truly she is a GIFT to the world of broken homes and disembodied Women that need her potent, powerful medicine. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!"

-Anna P. 

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Web capture_15-6-2021_145611_www.faceboo

“My experience with Claudia was honestly a Goddess send! She made me feel so safe and comforted by her warm and grounding presence. 

She was also very empathic and sensitive to my sexual trauma experience. She was a clear channel for healing and intuitive insight to dive deep into what the root problem was extremely insightful with the different ways I could re-connect with my body and sensuality again in ways I never knew possible. I’m so excited to be able to share the amazing wisdom Claudia transmitted to me with my partner so we can create that deep intimacy I've always dreamed we could have! 

Her methods are incredibly powerful. She guided me  with loving patience as some unexpected 

intense emotions began to arise to be released. Her support in these moments were the medicine I truly needed.

Since working with her, I feel SO relaxed, open and at peace with the present moment and so in touch with my body, free of inhibitions ! I feel my heart continuing to expand as I deepen in my self pleasure practices. I am experiencing deeper layers of pleasure than ever before. Since our work together, the intimate relationship with my partner has grown even deeper. With her guidance and advice, I have been able to open up more vulnerably to him. We are having rich, truthful conversations entrenched in deep love and acceptance. With her support, I am creating the relationship I have ALWAYS dreamed of!  I highly highly recommend this transformative gift and sacred space Claudia has provided for healing and true sexual awakening!”

-Bassaco  B.

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I'm so excited to welcome you into this powerful container, babe!

Let's get to manifesting that Love you crave, the pleasurable way...

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